The Journey

We are a law firm that has been almost twenty years in the making.

  • First steps

    With the setting up of Daulet-Singh & Associates in 2002, we took the first step in establishing a way of working that was, for its time, quite path-breaking in the Indian context: that we will provide a client experience that is as close as possible to that provided by top tier law firms in the more developed markets.  Of course, we were located only in New Delhi and operated only in the corporate and finance space but “our model” was quick to take shape and inspired several law firms that were set up in India in the first decade of the 21st century.

  • Early days

    In these early days in the firm’s history, our model essentially consisted of our partners applying skills learnt overseas in advising our overwhelmingly international clients making their way through Indian regulation and across Indian counterparties. We also consciously sought out fresh graduates from the top Indian law schools on the basis that, though not as well-known as the traditional law firms, we were going to have our partners actively coach younger lawyers in the skills required for cross border work.  These initiatives, taken when they were, have proven to be the touchstone for the vitality that runs through our firm today.

  • Setting sights higher

    With the Indian economy continuing to attract large pools of international capital, our focus on cross border work proved to be the right model for our firm and in 2008 we opened an office in the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai. Concurrently, we adopted a new name for our firm – “Platinum Partners” and set out to attract the best talent available in creating an institution that would stand the test of time.  Such an approach unleashed enormous energy and creativity within the firm and whilst staying true to our model our overall client offering was enhanced manifold.  We developed market leading capabilities in public markets, antitrust and private equity. In 2015, we further expanded our geographical coverage by opening an office in Bangalore.

  • Realignment

    With the head of our Mumbai office retiring in 2017, we embarked on an extensive search to identify lawyers who could relaunch our Mumbai office and further strengthen our New Delhi and Bangalore presence. We were able to attract lawyers who, like us, possess the single-minded focus to respond to the needs of clients working on cross border matters. Following this expansion, we were able to offer services in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, competition/ antitrust, fund formation, structured finance and dispute resolution to our clients.

Touchstone Partners, a new beginning

We believe that taking decisive steps even in times of uncertainty is the touchstone by which our unequivocal commitment to our clients is demonstrated and in order to reflect the old and the new within the firm, in November 2020, we retired the Platinum Partners brand and rebranded ourselves as Touchstone Partners.